Real world application -- Bridge the gap between STEM education and application by connecting concepts to problems that people face on a regular basis

Minimal prep time -- Detailed lesson plans that cover a multitude of different engineering disciplines. Enlighten your budding engineer with a fun, real world problem to solve.

Hands-on -- Get your engineer building and thinking creatively with low cost household materials

Student-driven -- Challenge your engineer to think outside of the box and come up with a unique solution to the engineering problem. Encourage them You are on an endless search for STEM programs that are not just glorified science experiments?

NGSS-aligned -- Built on the foundation of the engineering design process so your engineer can work through a problem just like an engineer in the field


1. The first segment of each quest presents a problem that Flynn has encountered and needs help to solve! Flynn challenges your budding engineer to solve the problem creatively. Brainstorm, plan a solution, and build your first prototype!


2. In the second segment of each quest, Flynn will introduce an engineering concept that could act as a potential solution to the problem. Your child will learn about and research this concept and how it could solve the problem.


3. To wrap up each quest, your child will rebuild their initial engineering concept using what they learned in the second segment. They can test to see if their solution is successful, and continue to tweak their design until they pass the Test for Success!

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