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Adventure: Snowy Summits

Engineering Concept:
Weight Distribution (Ergonomics)
Flynn is stuck in a snowy tundra in the Swiss Alps! With each step, she sinks deeper into the snow and she’s wasting precious energy. Can you help her find a way to walk more easily through the snow?

Engineering Concept:
Simple Machine - Pulleys

Flynn’s parents have been hired to design a new way for skiers to get to the top of the mountain at a new ski resort. Ski lifts are commonly used but are too expensive for this resort. Can you help Flynn and her parents find a way to get the skiers to the peaks of the mountains?

Engineering Concept:
Arches and Domes

Salt is a major natural resource in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there has been a major collapse in a salt mine near Flynn’s hotel. Can you help Flynn design a way to hold up the roof of the mine so these collapses will not happen in the future?


Engineering Concept:
Suspension Bridges

Flynn, the daughter of two environmental engineers, is trapped in the rain forest with nothing to eat. Her hunger is growing, and Monkey’s creativity is lacking. We need your kids to help Flynn cross the ravine to get to the precious star fruit that will satisfy her hunger. They look so delicious!

Engineering Concept:
Pitched Roof and House Stilts

Flynn is in need of a shelter to protect her from the menacing manta blanca bugs that have been biting her! She needs a shelter that will get her off of the ground and out of the rain. Can your kids help her design a shelter that Monkey can build to get her off the ground and away from the elements?

Engineering Concept:
Buoyancy and Density

Instead of waiting here for her family to find her, Flynn has decided to make her way down the Amazon River to meet her family. She needs a device that will make it down the treacherous rapids and keep water and critters out during her journey. Can your kids help her make her way safely to her parents?


Engineering Concept:

Panda bears are not only cute, but they are also very interesting creatures that need to be studied. Flynn wants to learn more about her cuddly friends, but they run into some water trouble. Can you help Flynn design a way to clean the water so it is safe for her and the pandas to drink?

Engineering Concept:
Process and Optimization

Transporting things all around the world is a tough job for any good industrial engineer. Yet, Flynn has to find her way out of the wilderness and into the city to deliver her lab samples in a very short timeframe! Can you help her find the optimal route?

Engineering Concept:

Flynn wants to see one more view from atop the Great Wall before she leaves China. Unfortunately, the stairs that she used to climb to the top are too slippery after a quick rain shower. Can you help Flynn find a safe but adventurous way to get down off of the wall?


Engineering Concept:
Electrical Circuits

The Canadian Rockies are home to beautiful mountain ranges and diverse wildlife. On her way to a local observation point, it got too dark for Flynn to see where she was walking. Can you work together to build a tool to help Flynn see in the dark?

Engineering Concept:
Heat Conduction and Insulation

Flynn has traveled with her parents to Canada where they are emerging themselves in the Canadian culture. Flynn has decided to enter an ice sculpture contest but has no way to transport the structure to the contest. Can you help her come up with a solution that travels and stays cool?

Engineering Concept:
Chemical Reactions and Pollution

In an effort to help with the clean up in Baffin Bay after a shipwreck, Flynn and her parents have traveled east to assess the issue. There are a few hundred oil drums floating all over the bay. Can you help Flynn design a way to remove them and prepare them to be recycled safely?



Engineering Concept:
Binary Code

Africa has a very diverse population with it's citizens speaking different languages and dialects. Can you help Flynn use binary code to communicate with some new friends?