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We hope you enjoy learning about helicopters and France through Flynn's spelunking adventure! Each video segment of the free mini quest will be delivered directly to your email over the next week, but below are the links to all the written materials for the mini quest. Enjoy!

Step 1.

Watch Flynn's introduction video.

Step 2.

Review the two documents below as the facilitator to get an understanding of what Growin'GEERS is trying to accomplish with this quest.

Facilitator Materials List

Facilitator Engineering Solution And Setup

Step 3.

Watch Flynn's first video introducing the problem she is facing!

Step 4.

Read through the "Your Challenge" portion of the written materials!

Read through the first section of the activity sheet with your budding engineer and start planning/brainstorming a solution.

GEERling Activity Sheet

Facilitator Vocabulary List

Step 5.

Watch the closing video to "The Challenge" section!

Step 6.

Watch the opening video to the second segment.

Start the "Engineer It" section in your GEERling packet after watching this video!

Step 7.

Watch the closing video to the "Engineer It" section. We hope you had fun!

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