Over 12 Ready-Made Lesson Plans That Make It Easy To Ignite Your Child’s Love For STEM

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Escape Overused Science Experiments!

Each challenge is built off Our Adapted Engineering Design Process


1. The first segment represents a problem that Flynn needs help to solve! Flynn challenges your budding engineer to solve the problem creatively using household materials. Brainstorm, plan a solution, and build your first prototype!


2. In the second segment of each quest, Flynn will introduce an engineering concept that could act as a potential solution to the problem. Your child will learn about this concept, research it, and apply it to solve the problem.


3. To wrap up each quest, your child will rebuild their initial engineering concept using household materials and what they have learned. They can test to see if their solution is successful and tweak their design until they pass the Test for Success!

Created by Engineers, Approved by Educators, Loved by Students

Growin’GEERS has made my job as a teacher much easier and really fun! Seriously, you have done all the hard stuff; All I have to do is follow the material and have a great time exploring these concepts. Thank you! It is evident how much time and effort you put into this.
— Amy, Home School Mom
Growin’GEERS is by far one of the best STEM platforms on the market. With just a few simple materials, students are encouraged to think critically and work creatively in ways that go well beyond simple building projects. This product truly embodies the tenets of STEM.
— Sheryl, STEM Enrichment Teacher
This is a phenomenal engineering curriculum. Between the videos with Flynn, the comprehensive work booklets, and the online research links, students get wonderful exposure to all sorts of scientific concepts and it really brings it alive.
— Elizabeth, Home School Mom

What Else Does Growin’GEERS Have To Offer?

Real world application -- Help your child to understand the importance of STEM by bridge the gap between STEM education and application. Each challenge helps to connect an engineering concept to problems that people face on a regular basis.

Minimal prep time -- Detailed lesson plans that cover a multitude of different engineering disciplines using video, written, and hands-on materials. Be ready to build without having to buy expensive materials.

Hands-on -- Get your engineer building and thinking creatively with low cost household materials. They will have fun without realizing they are exercising their problem solving skills!

Student-driven -- Challenge your engineer to think outside of the box and come up with a unique solution to the engineering problem. Encourage them to drive their own learning and foster a love of learning by allowing them to dive into what interests them!

NGSS-aligned -- Each quest is aligned with the engineering design process so your engineer can work through a problem just like an engineer in the field. This alignment also allows Growin’GEERS to connect with certain state standards.


Meet Our Founder

Alex Choquette, a professional industrial engineer with a passion for education, wants to share her love of engineering with you!