5 Ideas To Guarantee A Successful Stargazing Night

Stargazing is great way to connect back with nature and have a fun STEAM experience getting a little closer to our solar system.

Below are 5 tips to have an outstanding star gazing experience and to get to know your solar system a little bit better!

1. Pick a clear night and great location
We know this may sound a bit obvious, but it is a key factor to having a successful stargazing night. Make sure you check the weather continuously up until the night of the watch. If cloud cover pops up, just reschedule. It will not be worth it and may be disheartening to the crew we hope you are bringing along to enjoy it with you!

2. Bring a comfy blanket and some snacks
Star gazing can be a longer activity as the night sky will change over time. If you have little ones, make sure you bring a comfy blanket and pillows. We recommend taking a pickup truck if you have access to one so you can turn the bed of the truck into a cozy stargazing nest! Don't forget to bring snacks and water to keep everyone full and happy!

3. Grab some equipment
If you have one or if you can borrow one, definitely bring a telescope. It will add a layer of insight and depth to your experience that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can even look at renting them from a local store or facility, but this is just a suggestion; definitely not necessary to have an enjoyable time!

If you are willing to break the bank by spending $2.99, download Sky Guide. When you hold it up to the night sky, it automatically finds stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more. It is an amazing app and is a cheaper way to add some learning to your stargazing expedition than a telescope.

4. Do some research
I'm sure this one isn't surprising, but do some research before you go. Learn a little bit about constellations and see if your kids have a favorite. Constellations are a great way to combine a lesson on science and mythology. Find answers to the following questions to kick off your research!

A. What is a star made out of?
B. What is the youngest star in our galaxy that we know of?
C. Who is Leo the Lion?
D. What is the story of Orion the hunter?
E. How did constellations and mythology join forces to put a name to our stars?

5. Set a goal
Do a little research in advance, and pick out a constellation to seek out during your trip. Make sure you don't set yourself up for failure. Check that you can see it during the time of year and location that you are in. A great site to use to learn a LOT about constellations, their location, and their history can be found at the link below.

Happy gazing!

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