Keep STEAM in focus! There are 5 categories in STEAM, and they are each important. So, to keep STEAM top of mind, you have to exercise all 5 of them. We suggest doing at least 1 activity for each letter!

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Go stargazing! Summer nights are the best to get away from the city and stare up at the night sky for awhile. Try to pick a night when it's clear- the sky will not disappoint! Make a list of constellations to try and find, and do some research about our solar system before you go. Don’t forget to grab a comfortable blanket or chair; our solar system is captivating when you get a clear summer night! Check out the link below for tips on how to get the most out of stargazing.


Our favorite way to exercise the T in STEAM is just keeping up with tech news! At GrowinGEERS, we check it on the daily because it is CONSTANTLY changing. I personally follow The Verge, but I also love to listen to some amazing tech podcasts that cover the gamut on tech. I highly recommend Rocket which is hosted by 3 powerhouse tech women and This Week in Google, which supports my obsession with the behemoth that is GOOGLE. Check them out this summer with your kids! Or even without them..you won’t be disappointed. The link to the Rocket podcast is listed below. Please be aware though that these are media outlets so always screen the content before sharing with your kids as we know how the media likes to take things over the edge sometimes!


Do a Growin’GEERS quest! Okay, we are a little biased on this one, but as some of you already know, Growin’GEERS is a super fun way to learn about a new engineering discipline! We recommend throwing a Growin’GEERS party at your house, and inviting a few friends over to see who can build the best engineering solution to help Flynn out! Not only is it fun, but you get to work with your friend to learn something new! I mean, honestly, what could be better than that? To get you started with Growin’GEERS, check out our $5 quest which is the perfect way to see if Growin’GEERS is a good fit for you. Sign up using the link below the video!


Check out some local art! In most cities or towns during the summer, there are a slew of art exhibits, art walks, or markets where local artists can showcase their work. Plan to check a couple of them out and make a point to talk to the artists themselves. One of our favorite things about Art is that there are a slew of mediums, from painting to sculpting to needlework. Ask the artist about the material aspects of their art; what type of paint do they use? Why is it different than other options? Do they know the components in the paint that make the difference? The same questions can apply for the tools that any artist uses, so dig in and ask some questions about what makes their artistic passion different!


Okay, so I have to be honest on this one; I am not the world's best in the kitchen... I tend to do more of the eating than the baking. But, baking is a GREAT way to exercise your math skills through measurement, time, and more! Get your kids involved, get them working (oh sorry, I meant learning) and make sure they are involved in every aspect of the baking process, especially if it involves numbers. Conversions between different measurements is also a great mathercise (yes, I went there). You know, how many cups in a gallon, how many teaspoons in a tablespoon, etc. Work that "math mind" you crazy bakers! Check out some of our favorite recipes on our Pinterest page which you can access using the link below!
We hope you enjoyed our quick tips on how to fill your summer with STEAM fun. Now get out there and get those GEERS moving!


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