Football season is upon us, and it is an exciting time for all the fans, Fantasy Football experts, and players. While football is an exciting sport to watch, it can be dangerous for the players due to the large amount of body to body and head to head contact that the game is known for. 

The NFL and other football organizations have been making an effort to make the game safer. The design of new football helmets to decrease the damage done to a player’s brain is due to the hard work of mechanical engineers.

When a player hits another player, the kinetic energy needs to transfer from one player to another. If all that energy is directed at the helmet, the helmet is taking on that kinetic energy and passing it through to the next surface: the skull. The skull is then passing it on to the brain which in turn may cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull causing damage.

Bike helmets are traditionally designed a little differently to crush or break which takes on some of the kinetic energy.

Read more about how they are adjusting the football helmets below!

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