The Grand Canyon’s Skywalk

The sky walk is a horseshoe-shaped pedestrian bridge with a glass floor located in Arizona. The structure was commissioned and is currently owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe.

The Grand Canyon's Sky Walk is made of approximately one million pounds of steel and 83,000 pounds of glass. Some people within the tribe and others associated with the Grand Canyon worry that the project could negatively impact the sustainability of the area and the beauty of the canyon.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a skyscraper that serves as offices, hotels, conference rooms, and observation decks. The structure is highly regarded for its design by architects and designers around the world. The trapezoid is made of structural steel and reinforced concrete and helps to reduce wind pressure on the 1,614.2 ft building.

The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is located in central Scotland and helps to connect the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

Prior to the wheel, the two canals had been connected by a series of 11 locks. By the 1930s, these locks had fallen into disrepair and were removed in 1933.

In an effort to figure out a better solution to reconnect the canals and improve the connectivity of waterways in the United Kingdom, the Falkirk Wheel began to manifest as an option. Today, the wheel lifts boats 79 ft. It is the only rotating boat lift designed in this fashion and has helped to solve a major problem for that region.


The Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng)

This structure is a 490 ft pedestrian walking bridge near Da Nang, Vietnam. It is used to connect the cable car station to the gardens, but it also serves as a major tourist attraction to avoid the steep incline below. The bridge is relatively new and only opened in June of 2018.

It was designed by TA Landscape Architecture, a company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.