Agriculture: How Engineers Help To Feed Our Families

Food is something that humans require, and Thanksgiving is centered around celebrating the many blessings we have including the food that nourishes us. Without proper engineering around food production, it would be difficult to keep up with the ever growing demands of the population.

Food production around the world has evolved and change extensively since the early 1900s. Since food is a necessity of life and has an impact on the quality of the life we live, we need agricultural engineers to focus on the science behind food and farming. Their main purpose is to ensure the agricultural technologies and methods that we use today can meet the population’s demand for food.

There are a ton of tasks that fall to an agricultural engineer because there are a lot of key components that go into creating a sustainable and healthy crop or food product.

To name a few, irrigation systems and water control is critical to the success of a farm’s yield. Building cost effective yet efficient storage facilities for product is a major task they are charged with as well.

Other than day to day tasks, agricultural engineers also do a lot of research to be on the cutting edge of sustainable farming and food production. They must ensure that their facilities are up to code, and they have to be agile to meet the demands of growing populations and the changing environment.

In addition, agricultural engineers have to work with many other disciplines to achieve their goals such as horticulturalists, agronomists, animal scientists, and geneticists.

To learn more about the engineering behind our food and how you can become an agricultural engineer to support the next generations sustainable food sources, check out the link below.

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