Top 3 Ways To Keep Up With Changing Tech

The most exciting thing about technology is that we are constantly outdoing ourselves. Some people are so far ahead in their head that society just cannot understand or keep up. We here at Growin'GEERS like to be up-to-date on exactly what is going on in the technology world, and we wanted to share some of our tips on how we keep up!


1. Social Media

Yes, social media can be a pain sometimes in the ways that it distracts us from the moment, burns a bunch of our time, and can be littered with false information, but if you tailor your feeds to your interests and to trusted resources only, it can get a great tool to catch up on the latest tech news quickly! Everyone has their preferred social media platforms, but we have found that instagram is a great way to get your tech fix by following the Techcrunch instagram. We follow tech crunch because they are a huge supporter of startups and disrupting the status quo. They give great tech updates, and keep us up to date on all new innovations with relation to technology.


2. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to fit in your news while you are doing something else like driving or cooking and are looking for some entertainment. Podcasts are a great way to expose your kids to news while on a long car ride or road trip. Please be aware though that these are media outlets so always screen the content before sharing with your kids as we know how the media likes to take things over the edge sometimes!


We love to listen to some amazing tech podcasts that cover the gamut on tech. I highly recommend Rocket which is hosted by 3 powerhouse tech women. We also enjoy Analog(ue) which discusses the perspective of human interaction with new technologies. It is quite interesting. If you are looking for some variety, check out Clockwise which switches up their tech topics frequently and has different industry related guests to keep it moving.


3. Blogs/Websites

We read fewer blogs, but the ones that we check to stay up on tech news include The Verge and, of course, Tech Crunch. The Verge has a great homepage where you can quickly browse the topics that interest you, and we find that the Tech Crunch website always has a ton of different content compared to their Instagram. When we are looking for a bit more detail or have some more time to read more detail about a technology that interests us, these are the two pages we turn to.

Hope you enjoy these suggestions!

Social Media



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